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What is it?

Snooze It is a dual-use pillowcase offering both comfort and functionality. This innovative pillowcase offers an absorbent anti-humidity side for those who fall asleep with damp hair and a satin side that is soft for the skin, hair and even eyelash extensions. There is nothing better to accompany your nightly beauty ritual!


Absorbent side:
- Controls moisture;
- Absorbs excess water in wet hair without leaving your pillow wet;
- Perfect for overnight hair treatments.
Satin side:
Gentle on the skin
Helps keep hair shiny;
Controls frizz;
Protects eyelash extensions.


Single box contains:
One (1) pillowcase
that is both satiny and absorbent.


Before your first use, wash with mild detergent in warm water. 
machine wash and tumble dry low only.
*Don’t use chlorine, bleach detergent or fabric softener. 

Snooze It

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